Where do German roaches come from?


German roaches are usually found in the restaurants, hotels, building apartments, bathrooms, kitchens, cracks, and crevices or any other narrow hiding places. As this types of roaches prefer warmth, moisture, and food, they mostly found in a water supply or stagnant water areas like sanitation and food processing areas like groceries. Likewise, if the infestation becomes large enough, you might also see this creepy insect in the following places.

  • Behind, under and up of refrigerators
  • Stoves areas.
  • Behind and under of microwaves and toasters
  • Under and top of dining tables
  • In the behind and under of sinks
  • Cabinets-corners particularly cracks and crevices
  • Motors of refrigerators
  • soft drink (coffee, water filter) dispensing machines
  • Switchboxes or electrical outlets
  • Under and behind of cafeteria counters included soda fountains
  • Cash registers
  • Telephones
  • Vegetable Bins
  • Dustbins
  • Meat counters and check-out stands
  • Meat cutting blocks
  • From trash dumpsters.
  • Garbage disposal
  • Anywhere else.


But they can make any place as their harborage (shelter) areas. Typically German roaches like to spend 75% time in the harborage and active during the night time. However, they also overcrowd in any places during the daytime according to favorite places.


Additionally, German roaches may also come from others building if any neighboring flat or apartment or shops get infested by German cockroaches. As they travel and move fast, they can pass through switch plates (small openings) or any other scattered area.



Apart from building and home equipment's it can also come from outside man's belongings like boxes, packages, luggage's and big bags. These are all the places and areas from where German roaches come and cause dramatic health hazards.


But if you are profoundly affected by German roaches population, it's better to know how they are populated instead of following sources? Thus it will help you to become more concern, and you can take the necessary steps to eliminate. Also you can use roach killer safe for pets if you have pet or kids in your house.

Usually, German roach's life cycle is consist of three parts.

  • Egg
  • Nymph
  • And adults.

Eggs are nothing but a capsule casting called ootheca and not harmful. But within some time it becomes nymph or baby cockroach but cannot reproduce. So, if you cannot control the population in nymph stage soon, they become adult with wings and starts reproduction. Therefore, you must control German cockroach infestation from baby or nymph stage onwards.

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